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T3 Green is leading the charge against termites and fungal attack in outdoor applications. Both pose a very real risk to your structure, and then of course there’s Mother Nature to contend with. If you want your project to stand the test of time, protect it with T3 Green.

T3 Green has specifically been developed for use in exposed, above ground applications including deck and verandah bearers and joists; pergola, verandah and carport rafters and battens; verandah and patio beams; or any other external, above ground application requiring structural timber framing.

The treatment is safe, guaranteed for up to 25 years and approved for outdoor furniture, playground equipment, public projects and other applications where CCA treated timber is restricted.
For instructions on correct installation and maintenance of T3 Green please see our range of Technical Data Sheets.



Main product application >
Floor and deck bearers, floor and deck joists, verandah beams, pergola rafters

Size, grades and tolerance:

Stock length including increments >
2.4 to 6.0 m in 0.6 m increments

Size range – Hyne T3 Green MGP10 (mm) > 

3570, 90, 140, 190
4570, 90, 140, 190, 240

Size range – Hyne T3 Green MGP12 (mm) >

45140, 190, 240


Bow, Spring and Twist >
The above limitations change depending on length for details please refer to AS/NZS 1748.1-2011 Timber-Solid – Stress-graded for structural purposes Part 1: General requirements

Grades >
 Hyne T3 Green is mechanically graded MGP10 and MGP12 in compliance with AS/NZS 1748 where the characteristic design properties are outlined in AS1720.1-2010.

Product information:

Species specification >
Manufactured from Plantation Softwoods sourced from managed forests.

Moisture content >
Basic definition – 
Moisture content is the mass of moisture present in wood divided by the mass of the wood with no moisture in it, expressed as a percentage.

Moisture content range – The moisture content of Hyne T3 Green is on average below 15% with a maximum of 21% per board. The moisture content is uncorrected. Therefore moisture meters used to confirm the moisture content need be set to Douglas-fir and 20ºC which are the default setting for most moisture meters.

Source: AS/NZS 1748.1-2011 Timber-Solid – Stress-graded for structural purposes Part 1: General requirements.

Treatment and Durability:

Treatment options >
Hyne T3 Green is timber treated to H3 level intended to be used in exposed above ground applications. The treatment contains insecticide, fungicide, mouldicide, water repellent and green colouring pigments. T3 Green is treated to H3 level in compliance with AS1604.1.

Natural durability, lyctid susceptibility of sapwood and termite resistance of heartwood >

SpeciesLyctid susceptibility of sapwoodNatural Durability class of heartwoodTermite Resistance of Heartwood
In-ground contactOutside above ground
Hyne PineNot susceptible44Not Resistant

Source: AS 5604-2005
(Incorporating Amendment No. 1) Timber-Natural durability ratings

Maintenance >
Hyne T3 Green should be painted for all exterior, weather exposed applications to prevent bleaching, surface deterioration and mould.

Additional information can be found in Hyne Technical Data Sheets 6, 8 and 9 and Timber Queensland Data Sheet 25.


Design information:

Design properties >
Mechanical properties have been determined in limit state format form with a comprehensive testing and evaluation program carried out by Hyne. The modulus of rigidity is calculated by using G = E/15. Density is a measured property and is determined as average seasoned density. However properties such as Bearing Strength Perpendicular to Grain, Bearing Strength Parallel to Grain, Shear Strength at Joints Details and Tension Strength Perpendicular to Grain are secondary properties which are depending on the strength group for the material and are determined in accordance with AS1720.1-2010. Further joint group are based on the material used and the groups are defined based on species and density as per AS1720.1-2010.

Characteristic properties for Hyne T3 Green >

Structural MaterialApplication of structural member
Structural  members for house for which failure would be unlikely to affect an area* greater than 25 m2;ORsecondary members in structures other than housesPrimary structural elements in structures other than housesORelements in houses for which failure would be likely to affect an area* greater than 25m2Primary structural members in structures intended to fulfil an essential service or post disaster function
Values of capacity factor, F
Sawn timber – AS/NZS 1748 (MGP10)0.900.700.60

* In this context, area should be taken as the plan area.

Source: AS1720.1 – 2010 Timber Structures Part 1: Design methods

The engineering design data presented may be used for structural design of domestic, commercial and industrial applications in conjunction with:

AS1684.1-1999 Residential timber-framed construction – Design criteria

AS1720.1-2010 – Timber structures Part 1: Design methods and all other relevant standards (e.g. loading codes, wind codes, etc.).



Manufacturing standards >
AS/NZS 1748.1 – 2011 Timber – Solid – Stress-graded for structural purposes Part 1: General requirements

AS 1604.1 – 2010 Specification for preservative treatment Part 1: Sawn and round timber

Design Standards >
AS1684.1-1999 Residential timber-framed construction – Design criteria

AS1720.1-2010 – Timber structures Part 1: Design methods

Third Party Information: >
Hyne T3 Green has accredited Quality assurance in place meeting ISO 9001.

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