• Shingles Plus Natural

Classic Shingles Plus Natural surface is pressed to create a woodgrain effect. The rough deep cut pattern of this unique shingle system shows all the knots, cracks and imperfections of natural timber.

Weathertex wall Shingles Plus is designed to blend beautifully with other building materials such as brick, render, stone and the extensive range of Weathertex architectural panels and weatherboards. Environmentally friendly, easy-to-install, Classic Shingles Plus Natural is limitless in design applications.

This Australian made wall shingles groove spacing is 150mm and when installed, the boards will overlap by 40mm, slightly reducing the coverage per board. It is also the only product in the Weathertex Natural range that permits painting. If you are painting the shingles you will need to use a suitable high quality tannin blocking exterior timber primer (water or solvent based) to prime the shingles and any cut edges. Shingles when primed can be painted with any suitable, compatible exterior grade acrylic or solvent based paint of your choice – not to mention, it’s easy to install. Similarly to timber, Weathertex Natural range comes unsealed and when allowed to weather naturally, the depth of colour will vary, subject to location and sun exposure.


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