Pre-Primed H3 Treated Timber

Why choose meyPINE3 for your next project?

meyPINE3 is manufactured from Radiate pine. It is carefully laminated and finger-jointed to be defect and knot free. meyPINE3 is dressed all round for a smooth finish and pre-primed with architectural paint, ready for the final top coats of paint to be applied. meyPINE3 is H3 LOSP treated for protection against termite, rot and decay. Making it suitable for above ground outdoor projects.

It is available in a range of sizes and profiles. To ensure long-term performance it is important to have an understanding of both the product and the installation process.

On site storage & handling

On site storage should be on timber gluts with at least 150mm clearance from the ground in a dry, well-ventilated area. It is recommended to leave the plastic wrapping from the pack in place, however the pack must be protected from direct sunlight to avoid sweating under the plastic. If the meyPINE3 products are delivered without wrapping or with damaged wrapping, cover it with plastic, sheet material or building paper that is firmly held in place to keep the product clean and dry from the elements. Care must be taken to ensure that the protection of the product doesn’t unintentionally collect pools of water that can soak into the timber. Other building products should not be stored on top of meyPINE3 products.


  • Ensure that all dirt, dust or any contaminants are cleaned from the surface of the board
  • Any bare timber areas exposed through cutting or notching must be retreated with an approved treatment re-sealer prior to priming with a quality primer. Exposed timber will absorb moisture leading to raised grain, delamination and movement in the timber.
  • Sand any uneven surfaces for a premium finish
  • meyPINE3 products are generally supplied to the site with a moisture content of approximately 12% (+/- 2%). At the time of installation, the meyPINE3 product must have a moisture content close to the local expected average moisture content. For sites where the moisture content is significantly different, some acclimatization will be required prior to installation.
  • meyPINE3primeronly forms part of the final painting system, it is not weather proof paint. DonotleavemeyPINE3 exposed to wet weather or direct sunlight.
  • Prior to painting, make sure that the surface of the primer is not chalky and that the primer adhesion is good. The‘X’test can be used to check this. Use a sharp blade to cut an X into the existing paint coatings. Then place a piece of sticky tape over the X and press down firmly. Quickly peel the tape off the surface. Repeat the process in different areas to check the entire surface. If flakes of paint are stuck to the sticky tape, or have flaked away from the test surface, the current coating should not be painted over. The primer should be removed by sanding or stripping the surface back and treating the area as a new, unpainted surface. If there is no paint on the tape, and no paint has flaked from the test areas, your surface can be repainted.

Joint Sealing

All joints irrespective of the finish should be re-sealed, including stopped ends, with a mastic or silicone sealant that is compatible with the intended paint finish. The sealant should be placed onto the ends of the boards before pushing the ends together. Any excess sealant should be removed from the faces of the boards as soon as the boards are fixed.


At least two coats of exterior grade paint MUST be applied to meyPINE3 within 30 days of installation and in accordance with the paint manufacturers recommendations. As the meyPINE3 primer is not a weatherproof primer, it is recommended to do this directly after installation. Prolonged exposure of the meyPINE3 primer to wet weather and direct sunlight will cause the primer to breakdown in a shorter period of time.


The long-term performance of meyPINE3 products is dependent on regular and effective maintenance. The frequency of maintenance will depend on the type of paint used and the level of exposure to the weather and other elements. Before re-coating, the meyPINE3 product should be cleaned and the joints resealed where required. Any re-coating should be carried out in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s recommendations.

Disposal of waste and offcuts

Do not burn off cuts or sawdust from any preservative treated timber. Such off cuts and sawdust should be disposed of by approved local authority methods.


To maintain the limited guarantee offered by preservative suppliers, details pertaining to the products used on the project must be kept. For example: end tags and proof of purchase. meyPINE3 preservative guarantees require every cut, rebate or hole to have a preservative sealer applied and re-primed with a quality primer. This limited guarantee covers the use of meyPINE3 products against fungal decay, termite attack and insect borers only.


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