Southern Select GLULAM Engineered Beams

Introducing the New Standard in Engineered Beams

Southern Select GLULAM breaks new ground in safety, performance & durablity. Manufactured using industry leading Osmose MicroPro™ – unlike most beams on the market Southern Select GLULAM Beams are 100% Arsenic-Free. Keeping your family safe from harmful chemicals, meeting government compliance & backed by a massive 50 Year Limited Guarantee*. Engineered to exceed GL8 strength standards, Southern Select GLULAM is gunbarrel straight & stable, utilising a marine grade Class 3 Purbond® Glue it’s also the durable & reliable choice. Made in New Zealand from select visual graded timber – Southern Select GLULAM is crafted to impress in appearance applications – naturally beautiful & sustainable. Ready to paint or stain for a variety of looks – Southern Select GLULAM offers the ultimate solution for a feature post or beam. For more information including spans & warranty please visit Note: Currently Available in NSW / ACT / VIC Only.

Download Span Tables

PostsDownload Posts Spans Sheet
Deck JoistsDownload Deck Joist Spans Sheet
Floor BearersDownload Floor Bearers Spans Sheet
Floor JoistsDownload Floor Joists Spans Sheet
Heavy Floor BearersDownload Heavy Floor Bearers Spans Sheet
Light Rafters N2Download Light Rafters N2 Spans Sheet
Light Verandah Beams N2Download Light Verandah Beams N2 Spans Sheet
Std Rafters N2Download Std Rafters N2 Spans Sheet
Std Verandah Beams N2Download Std Verandah Beams N2 Spans Sheet
Span Further. Last Longer.

Timber Grade Information

GL8The GL Grading system stands for Glue Laminate and indicates that the timber product has been engineer manufactured utilising an adhesive bond. The timber is then tested to measure a variety of performance characteristics including strength & flex before finally being assigned a certified rating on the GL Scale. Glue Laminated timber varies in manufacturing methodology with finger-joint lamination of timber shooks and split lamination of longer timber lengths being the most common. GL8 Rated timber is suitable for a wide variety of structural applications and is sought after for it’s impressive span & stablity. The visual properties on GL timber vary based on the quality of the timber material components used in the manufacturing process, the type of glue used and the precision of the machining.
F7This visually stress-graded rating is a popular choice for use in decks and pegolas. Often prefered by builders for its strength, flex and cost qualities.
F7 OPG+F7 strength graded with a visual override to ensure selection of the best boards for your project. Accurately sized and machined with no knot holes or wane included. What is visual override? Unlike Machine Graded Pine (MGP10 etc), Visual Override F7 is personally visually inspected by trained professionals to ensure that each length of timber meets a quality standard. This means you get timber that is clearer, with fewer knots which results in less wastage. Whenever you are using timber that will be viewable we recommend that you insist on timber that meets this uncompromising standard.
MGP-GradeMGP 10 Machine Stress Graded timber as used in frame & truss manufacture. MGP is a test of stiffness, with no regard to wane, knots or visual appearance. We recommend for use in unseen structural appplications, such as walls, roof spaces etc.

Treatments Guide

H2Internal use, protection against termites.
H3Outdoor, above-ground use.
H4Outdoor, in-ground use.
H5Outdoor, wet in-ground use.
H6Marine applications.
MicroPROMicroPro technology is a revolutionary way to pressure treat wood for decks, fences, landscaping and general construction uses. One of the key benefits of MicroPro is that it contains zero arsenic – making it suitable for use in playgrounds & compliant with government projects. MicroPro pressure treated wood is treated with micronized copper preservatives, which help protect against termite damage and fungal decay. MicroPro offers many benefits including significantly improved corrosion performance. The Osmose MicroPro technology is the first treated wood process to be certified under Scientific Certification Systems Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) program based onLife-Cycle Assessment.
LSOPLight Organic Solvent-borne Preservative. LOSP is a solvent-borne preservative treatment of pine timber. The organic solvent takes the preservative into the wood and is drawn out in the last stages of treatment leaving the preservative in the wood. LOSP treated pine has long lasting protection against decay and insect attack. LOSP treated timber is great for appearance applications such as external joinery, due to it leaving the light coloured appearance unchanged after treatment.
ACQAlkaline Copper Quaternary. ACQ is a water-borne preservative treatment of pine timber. The ACQ treatment process is similar to CCA but is free of arsenic. Instead uses copper and ammonium compounds as agents against insect attack, fungi, termites and wood boring insects. After pine has been treated with ACQ its appearance can range from dark green to brownish green and can be stained or painted once dry.
CCACopper, Chromium and Arsenic salt. Due to the Arsenic present in CCA treated timber it is not safe for use on playgrounds and is generally not approved for use on government projects. CCA is a water-borne preservative treatment of pine timber. CCA is pressure impregnated into the wood and has a high resistance to chemicals leaching out of the timber over time. This high resistance is due to the chromium which locks in the elements of copper and arsenic into the wood. The arsenic and copper elements protect from insect and fungal attack. Pine which has been treated with CCA is clean, odourless and has a slight green colour.