Hurford Roasted

is about creating a luxurious style when it comes to Australian hardwood flooring.

The Hurford Roasted process metamorphosis the natural colour of hardwood to create a deep rich tone that penetrates through the wood.

Hurford Roasted is available in two distinctive tones: Peat: a natural dark earth hue. Cayenne: an intimate reddish bronze palette.

Hurford Roasted is a high temperature thermally modified hardwood that uses a custom designed heating program to alter the woods molecular structure. This has many benefits that include locking in the colour, increasing the durability and limiting movement to a fraction of normal kiln dried flooring.

Hurford Roasted Specification

Hardwood FlooringHurford RoastedHigh temperature thermally modified hardwood
Earth tones to dark chocolate
An intimate reddish bronze
Sizewidth x thickness86 millimetres x 10 millimetres
83 millimetres x 14 millimetres
128 millimetres x 14 millimetres
180 millimetres x 14 millimetres
Profiletongue & groove end matchPrecision milled offset tongue for easy secret nailing
Wear layer5.5 millimetres
Milling StandardAustralian Standard 2796.1
HardnessJanka 9.5
Colour Penetration100% through the board
Light to medium featured, with a range of gum veins, insect trails and other natural characteristics.
Moderate to heavily featured, with dominant gum veins, insect trails and other natural characteristics
InstallationPlywood, Particleboard, existing floorboardsFull trowel and secret nail as per Hurford Hardwood “Fourteen” installation guide.
ResourceSolid Australian HardwoodNorth Coast NSW Hardwood
Resource SourceNSW State Forest
NSW Private Native Forest
Australian Forestry Standards Chain of Custody. (AS4707 – 2006)
Hurford Forestry Management
Product CoatingUnfinishedOn site sand & coating


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