• Selflok Ecogroove Natural 75mm

The Natural range offers a unique appearance with the characteristics and looks of raw undressed timber. Its surface is pressed to create a random woodgrain effect, showing the knots, grains and imperfections of natural timber.

Selflok Ecogroove Natural 75mm flat paneled appearance is a fresh alternative to traditional lapped planks. Selflok CodeMark accredicted weatherboards have the simplest unique horizontal tongued groove flush system, which allows every board to self gauge. The precise routing gives the product a beautiful and unique profile that makes it the first choice for many. Similarly to timber, Weathertex Natural range comes unsealed and when allowed to weather naturally, the depth of colour will vary, subject to location and sun exposure.

  • Made from real Australian hardwoods.
  • Off stud joining option enables minimal waste and less timber stud layout.
  • Can be used internally (group 3) and as an external wall cladding in bushfire attack levels up to and including BAL 19 construction.
  • Can be cut with standard carpentry tools.
  • Curved walls up to a 2.5m radius can be achieved with Selflok.
  • Can be stained or left unsealed to weather naturally.


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