• H2S Treated LVL Bearers and Joists

    Termites see RED when they meet SmartGuard termite resistant LVL

Straight, no twists, no warps and no shrinkage Coloured Red for easy identification Strong and Light Laminated Veneer Lumber

Sizes 100 x 45 & 75

Lengths 3.0 – 12.0m

(please check availablity on lengths longer than 9.0m) Glue-line H2S treatment as per AS/NZS 1604.4

Red Alert floor joists supporting floor loads ONLY

Red Alert floor bearers supporting joist loads Only

Red Alert Floor bearers supporting single or upper load bearing walls Wind classification N1-N3


  1. Loadings: Permanent Loading G: self weight + 40 kg/m2 + 0.5 kPa of live load permanently applied, live load Q: 1.5 kPa or 1.8 kN point live load
  2. It is recommended that floor sheeting or boards be glued to Red Alert with either Fuller Max Bond Pro or Max Bond Fast Grip

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