14mm straight lined secret nail wide board flooring


Hurford Hardwood has developed “Fourteen” for people who love the look of wide hardwood boards but don’t want the traditional top-nail appearance in their floor. Fourteen has been fully designed and tested with the support of the “Australian Timber Flooring Association” for optimal performance as a floor covering. Fourteen’s unique attributes have been designed to work in harmony with the fixing methods and the subfloor to ensure a balanced stable floor is achieved

Fourteen has been specifically designed for secret fixing to plywood or particleboard using adhesive and concealed mechanical fixings. Fourteen has been pre straightened using a proprietary method which Hurfords have developed and enables clean straight lines to be achieved when the flooring is installed, as well as assisting in a faster installation process.


Hurford Hardwood have developed unique product specific drying and processing techniques that assure the quality and stability of all Fourteen floors.

Fourteen Secret Nail Wide Board Overlay has been specifically developed and manufactured to provide a wide board flooring product with improved stability

Due to the board being thinner we are able to achieve better drying with a more consistent moisture content through the floor board. With thinner flooring fully trowel glued, the adhesive has a greater ability to hold down the top shoulders minimising cupping and movement.

The Fourteen series is pre-straightened and flattened for ease of installation.

With today’s fixing technology a balance between the timber, fixing & subfloor is important and it should not be presumed that thicker boards will be more stable.


The unique profile of our wide board overlay incorporates a distinct offset tongue and groove. (see profile picture below).

This gives the floor an equivalent wear layer to thicker flooring products and also increases the stability of the floor when under pressure from expansion. (see diagram below).

Sizes and lengths

Fourteen is available in two sizes, 130mm x 14mm and 180mm x 14mm. Board lengths range from 0.6m to 4.5m

Species / grades

Fourteen is available in a wide variety of species and grades. This diverse spectrum of colour and feature is broad enough to complement any design requirement


Hurford Hardwood have developed unique product specific drying and processing procedures. The Fourteen series is straight lined before profiling to produce a straight, flat floor that is easier and quicker to install.

Height advantages

Standard profile wide board floors when fixed as recommended (face nailed) to battens over a concrete slab have a minimum finished height of 54mm. Fourteen wide board overlay floors fixed to plywood over a concrete slab have a finished height of only 26mm


When looking at a finished Fourteen Secret Nailed Wide Board Overlay Floor there is one significant difference and that is the absence of top nail fixing. Fourteen has been specifically designed to be secretly fixed using a combination of adhesives and mechanical fixing.

The Hurford Story

Hurfords is a third generation family business strongly dedicated to the native hardwood timber industry.

The foundation of the Hurford Group of companies occurred in 1932 when Jim Hurford was stood down from his job as a foreman/ carpenter with the NSW Railways during the great depression. Together with his brother he went into business renovating and lifting houses in Lismore

While buying timber from a sawmill, James noticed that a pile of rough-sawn boards was accumulating, he bought them and paid the mill to run them into tongue & groove flooring. With this competitive edge, James saved and purchased his own planing machine. He begun purchasing boards from various sawmills and

produced flooring and other products for sale. His innovative approach to value adding set the pattern for Hurfords steady growth in both timber milling and retail over the decades. In 1998 the company opened its world class drying and processing facility, which has been continually updated to ensure it maintains its exacting standards.

The Hurfords Group is a major local employer, employing some 100 local staff, plus contractors and is a significant contributor to the regional economy.

Environmental Awareness

Hurford Hardwood is committed to our forests, our community and our future

Underpinning our commitment to the environment, is an ambitious hardwood reforestation project in the local area where we have purchased over 5000 hectares of land and have commenced a planting program that will see more than 25000 new plantation eucalypt saplings established each year.

With careful management, Hurford Hardwood aims to commence ongoing sustainable harvesting of these plantations within 25 years.

The plantations are established according to strict environmental guidelines and a code of practice that is regulated by the NSW government. These guidelines are designed to protect soil and water resources and support the surrounding habitat with special consideration to Australia’s native flora and fauna

Amenity plantings are included in every Hurford Hardwood planting operation. Never to be harvested, these mixed species trees are established on creek banks for soil protection and to complement designated natural regeneration areas to provide additional corridors of native forest.

Hurford Hardwood source a proportion of timber from private native forest with the balance procured from State Forestry which is certified under the Australian Forestry Standards Chain of Custody. (AS4707 – 2006) Hurford Hardwood insist that all timber produced from these forests is done so under the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management, a system developed to sustain the full range of commercial and conservation values of the natural forest diversity within ecological limits, for current and future generations


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