Highland Oak Hardwood Timber Decking & Screening


” Highland Oak ” Hardwood Timber Decking & Screening is made up of Selected Australian hardwood species found in the Central Highland and other areas of Victoria. The Decking & Screening has a beautiful range of naturally occurring shades and unique grain pattern and is an inexpensive alternative to other local, manufactured and imported materials. ‘ Highland Oak ‘ Decking & Screening comes in a highly desirable Traditional grade.


  • Decking & Screening is a DAR board with two flat faces & edges, four pencil rounded corners.
  • Decking & Screening is sized to 100mm x 22mm & 140mm x 22mm
  • Decking & Screening is air &kiln dried and expertly moulded for maximum stability.
  • Decking comes in random pack lots 2.5-6.0m (Pack contents vary)
  • Screening comes in set length packs 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.1, 2.4.

We have one category and one type only of timber finish in our ‘Highland Oak’ Decking & Screening

KOP-COAT, TRU-CORE H3 Clear Finish:

  • (**Water-Based & New To Australia**) - Treated H3, durable hardwood with unique grain pattern.

    Easily stained & sealed to user preference in Traditional graded product.

  • Traditional: Unique grain patterns with a mixture of minimal to slightly more feature presence such as tight gum vein or knots. Some other minimal imperfections such as minor check, natural discolouration or sapwood are permitted

Ref. Medium Feature (Standard) Sawn & Milled Appearance Hardwood in Accordance with AS 2796.2-2006


Keep Dry and within moisture content (EMC) range of 10%-18% for light decking as per AS/NZS 1080:1


Recommended – Decking fixing span capacity joist centres should be 500mm or less as required in AS 1684. Boards should be staggered and must be supported by at least 3 joists. But spacing should be tight and side spacing for 100mm & 140mm/4-5mm. Pilot drill at least 12mm from end or edge of board & use proprietary non-corrosive fasteners driven or screwed of at least 50mm x 2.5mm flat or dome head, especially for end over joist

Ref. Timber Development Assoc. – Domestic Deck Design Guide.

Warranty & Further Information:

Warranty Condition – 300mm above ground direct horizontal exposure including vegetation & water sources

Warranty Condition – To protect decking H3 Azole decking needs a proprietary brand protective coating on installation and be re-applied every 12 months. Non-compliance will void the warranty.

Warranty Condition – A.G. Brown Sawmill retains all ‘Certificates of Treatment’ on behalf of end user purchaser and are identified by product pack numbers.

Warranty – 25 Years Limited (insect attack and/or fungal decay) upon proof of adherence to recommendations and warranty conditions, Refer FISHER’S TIMBER PRESERVATION P/L – H3 Tru-Core Clear Azole Warranty on the following website: www.fishertimberpreservation.com.au & www.kopcoat.com


At A.G. Brown Sawmill all our products are certified to AS 4704:2014 Chain of Custody (Certificate FCOC40006) which ensures they are sourced from sustainably managed forests. We have in turn been registered by Australian Forestry Standard (AFS/01-3-109) which is dedicated to supporting good forestry and environmental practices with sustainable management around the world. Our logs are solely sourced & purchased from Vic Forest who have achieved AFS chained of Custody certification (Certificate No: FMS20003)


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