CUTEK® Wood Stripper (formerly CUTEK® CD33) is a powerful and user-friendly paint and surface coating stripper. CUTEK® Wood Stripper is DIY-friendly; no professional experience is necessary.

CUTEK® Wood Stripper is suitable for removing multiple layers of the most commonly used wood coatings such as latex paints, stains, varnishes, linseed oils, acrylics and other film forming coatings. It is also effective at removing coatings from metal, brick and masonry surfaces.

Powerful yet safe, CUTEK® Wood Stripper is the smart alternative to conventional strippers that use dangerous chemicals (such as methylene chloride, NMP, etc.).

Powerful wood stripper

Safe and user-friendly

Smart alternative



    Removes old surface coatings from timber, metal, brick and masonry surfaces


    Does not use dangerous chemicals like Methylene Chloride and NMP


    Safe to use on your DIY project, no professional experience necessary



Before Applying

Because of the variations in coatings to be stripped, it is vital to test CUTEK® Wood Stripper BEFORE starting your project. This will help you determine how much time you will need to leave CUTEK® Wood Stripper on the timber and how much product you will need for the job.

NOTE: CUTEK® Wood Stripper may need to be applied more than once to thick paint or film form coatings with many layers.

Safety and precautions

Before you begin to Prepare and Protect your timber, note the hazards and precautions and ensure that you have obtained and know how to use the correct safety equipment as detailed in the Safety Data Sheet.

When using CUTEK® Restore, all adjacent surfaces and vegetation must be adequately protected. It is also important to be aware of the potential for wind drift into areas with cars or pedestrian traffic when rinsing. Water flush all equipment, vegetation, paths, concrete, asphalt and other adjacent surfaces before and after contact.


Spreading rate is approximately 1 Litre of CUTEK® Wood Stripper per 3m2 of surface area to be stripped.

NOTE: this can vary significantly depending on the type and thickness of the paint or wood coating being removed.


Apply CUTEK® Wood Stripper evenly with a brush, roller or lambswool applicator to dry wood, rubbing into the grain. Reaction time is approx. 30-60 minutes. Keep area wet and activated by applying more CUTEK® Wood Stripper or by agitating the application area with a brush, roller or lambswool applicator. CUTEK® Wood Stripper makes surfaces slippery so DO NOT walk on the application area until CUTEK® Wood Stripper has been removed.

Test periodically with a paint scraper to determine when the old coat is stripping cleanly off the timber. When this happens, the stripped surface is ready for rinsing. We suggest that you try to strip only 1 square metre first to perfect your technique.


Once CUTEK® Wood Stripper has loosened the coating, it must be power rinsed off thoroughly. For best results, power rinse with a high-pressure washer set to
approximately 50 bar (750 p.s.i.) with a fan jet pattern. REMOVAL WITH A GARDEN HOSE IS NOT SUFFICIENT.

CAUTION must be used when cleaning soft timber. Reduce the pressure or adjust distance from the substrate to avoid damaging the sapwood. It is important to adjust your cleaning process as to avoid damage to the wood fibre.

Clean from the lowest point and work upwards methodically using long even strokes in the direction of the grain. DO NOT use “turbojets” on timber.

Certain types of wood surfaces may leave a raised grain effect after stripping is completed. Sanding or poly pad scrubbing may be required to smooth out this

After stripping the timber, clean your wood with CUTEK® Restore to remove residual CUTEK® Wood Stripper and rejuvenate the substrate and enhance the grain. See CUTEK® Restore for instructions.

Clean Up & Disposal

Equipment may be cleaned with CUTEK® Quickclean or soap/detergent and water. All wash water, containers/contents should be disposed in accordance with local


Following the removal of paint or wood coating, rejuvenate your timber with CUTEK® Restore and complete the restoration process by protecting your timber with a CUTEK® exterior timber oil.

Designed for and proven to work in the harshest of Australian environments, CUTEK® exterior timber oils penetrate and diffuse deeply into the wood core to protect against liquid and gas phase moisture and extend service life:

CUTEK® Extreme CD50

High performance penetrating oil-based wood stabiliser with a unique self healing effect that highlights the natural beauty of wood and controls moisture to improve dimensional stability and minimise cupping, warping and splitting.
CUTEK® Wood Preservative

Oil-based wood stabiliser used for the pre-treatment and remedial treatment of exterior wood in industrial and domestic situation. CUTEK® Wood Preservative coated wood resists damage caused by fungal decay, mould, termites and controls moisture to improve dimensional stability and minimise cupping, warping and splitting.
Maintenance with CUTEK® exterior timber oils is simple, easy and cost effective. Simply clean and recoat – no need to sand or strip.

Not protecting your timber with CUTEK® oils after cleaning will result in water damage and a faster weathering/greying process when exposed to the weather.


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