Jarrah Flooring

Jarrah is a high density and extremely hardwearing hardwood, which ranges in colours from dark pink to deep reddish browns.
With an even texture and interlocking grain, Jarrah reflects light to give great lustre and depth to its appearance, while highlighting the natural characteristics.

A Jarrah Floor is the perfect choice to complement any interior space and will provide many years of lasting beauty.

The colour range of Jarrah Flooring complements iron and steel, and works well alongside granite and glass, making it ideal for both classic and contemporary interiors. A hardwearing Jarrah Floor
is sure to remain a centrepiece in your home for generations.

A suitable coating can be applied to enhance the grain and protect the floor, making it easier to maintain. Jarrah Flooring will not collect dust or conceal dirt, making it a natural choice for asthma and hay fever sufferers.

The Sustainable Resource

Auswest Timbers is supplied with logs harvested and sourced from sustainably managed forests by the Western Australian Government’s agency, the Forest Products Commission. The Forest Products Commission has implemented an environmental management system that has been certified as complying with the requirements of the international standard AS/NZS ISO 14001 and in January 2009 achieved certification to the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS).

For more information about the AFS, please visit www.forestrystandard.org.au.
To further assure our customers that all timber supplied from grower to manufacturer is sustainably managed, Auswest Timbers achieved Chain of Custody certification in April 2012.