Merbau Timber For Construction

Merbau construction timber is one of the most reliable and popular hardwood types in South East Asia and now you can have it in Australia as well thanks to our service. It can be used in a wide variety of applications and it was designed specifically in order to offer durability and a great look into one complete product.

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One of the main reasons why the Merbau construction timber is suitable for decking applications, construction and engineering is that it offers a natural strength and durability that you can rarely find in any type of wood out there. It’s also great looking as well mainly because it has a yellow-orange brown hue that really brings in front the great detail and look that the product has.

The contrast offered by the Merbau construction timber is simply stunning and you will certainly be amazed by the fact that you are free to customize it in any way you want. If your construction project needs polishing, stain or paint, the Merbau timber works seamlessly and it offers a very good result at all times.

Cutek decking oil-the best protection for Merbau

You can easily use it in large scale projects but also in smaller scale ones as well, it all comes down to you to get the results you want. It also works really well with a wide range of tools, so you are free to use it in a variety of situations too, which is nothing short of extraordinary, that’s for sure.

Remember that the Merbau construction timber has a very low shrinkage value, which showcases its durability and professionalism for sure. You don’t have to worry about this type of wood shrinking or anything like that, instead it’s really powerful and it can deliver all the tools you need to take your experience to the next level.


Moreover, the Merbau construction timber is very strong, no matter if it’s seasoned or unseasoned. It manages to deliver all the quality structure that you want in one solid experience that you will appreciate. It’s also highly resistant to stress, which makes it simply perfect for any construction project, that’s what matters the most here.

The overall density is good as well, something that makes it even more suitable for your construction projects, that’s for sure. You have to remember that while the product is designed with ease of use and installation is mind, it’s also very durable and powerful, so you should definitely work with a professional when you install it.

As a whole, the Merbau construction timber is maybe the most solid investment that you can make in any construction project. It’s coming with a great look, amazing attention to detail and astounding quality, so you should definitely invest in it the best way you can. It’s easy to use and filled with amazing potential, don’t hesitate and purchase it today, you will not be disappointed!

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Weathertex External Weatherboards

Weathertex is one of the most reliable construction related products on the market and it manages to bring in front a multitude of opportunities that you can enjoy as you see fit. There are plenty of reasons why you should use Weathertex for your construction project, and here are some of the most important ones!

Easy to use and install

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Yes, Weathertex is very easy to use and it does make the entire experience very easy all the time. not only does it allow you to perform its installation fast, but it won’t crack nor will it brittle and that on its own can be very helpful all the time. This is also a product that you can easily cut with the normal woodworking tools, something that makes it very easy to customize, no matter the project that you might be working on. In fact, you can easily cut it indoors if you want, and the installation is adhesive or silicone free, which is a major plus for sure.


Since the Weathertex uses only Australian made trees, it offers you the highest quality, professionalism and best pricing on the market. On top of that, the product is termite resistant as well, so no matter where you are located, it will surely suit your needs at all times. It’s amazing how much convenience this can bring in, and the fact that you protect the environment while using it is more than impressive for sure.

The Weathertex product is 100% natural, as it contains 97% timber and 3% natural wax. It’s not manufactured overseas like most similar products, instead it’s fully natural and it offers a better than zero carbon footprint, something that you will like a lot. In addition, there’s no need for chemical adhesives, artificial glues or resins, instead Weathertex is a lot easier to use and fully natural.

You have money

Weathertex is all about making sure that you obtain a high quality product with a great maintenance. You will need to repaint it each 15 years, so the yearly investment is minimal. Even the acquisition price is very small as well, so overall you do get quite a lot of amazing results which is a major plus.

Since this made out of natural Australian timber, it will last for a very long time, something that makes Weathertex as one of the best investments you can do right now. It even has a 25 year warranty that you will surely appreciate all the time.

As a whole, Weathertex is a fantastic product that manages to offer a ton of value and great results. It’s a really good product and one that manages to offer a whole bunch of variety all the time. If you want a good wood based product for your construction project, then Weathertex is a viable option and surely a stellar investment!

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Australian Engineered Flooring


Australian Native Engineered Flooring

Professional flooring can really change the appeal of any building, and this is why we provide nothing but the best and highest quality for all of our users. With the new, engineered hardwood floor product named HM Walk you can access the ultimate, exquisite experience that you always wanted from your hardwood floor, while also having the opportunity to access simple installation as well.

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Basically, the HM Walk system offers a glueless locking system which allows you to install it in just a few minutes, it all comes down to the desired surface that you want to cover. Still, it’s a lot faster to install than any other similar product on the market and there won’t be any mess after its installation, which is a major plus for sure.


The surface you walk on is fully natural, mainly because the product is created out of unique, native Australian wood and underneath the surface you can find a stable construction that is made out of plantation Eucalypt. It basically makes the entire experience refined, all without overcomplicating things which is always a major plus.

Thanks to the HM Walk product you will have the ability to make the most out of your hardwood. The product also allows you to protect the environment.

HM Walk uses state of the art production techniques and only pristine quality wood that’s natural and fully suitable for such a project. It can cover a wide range of surfaces, depending on your needs and expectations.

Once installed, the HM Walk product can be used immediately, and this only manages to make it even more convenient to use as a whole.

Pricing-wise, HM Walk is very competitive, and we also offer you a wide range of discounts depending on the surface you want to cover and other info. We always make sure that you get the best experience, all while also protecting the environment.

We all know how important it can be to access the best hardwood flooring on the market, and with HM Walk you can actually do such a thing. This product was created with the sole idea of offering you amazing results and a great, one of a kind experience that you can enjoy. It’s a wonderful, extraordinary hardwood flooring that you can rarely see out there. The great wood quality makes it unparalleled to any other type of hardwood floor, so this is indeed the best possible hardwood flooring that you can find right now on the market.

If you want to get the best hardwood flooring on the market, then our new HM Walk line is the best you can access, so don’t hesitate and give it a try right now, you will be amazed with the results for sure!

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Hyne Timber T2 Blue

Hyne T2 Construction Pine

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If you want to get the best possible timber for your construction project, then you need to work with nothing but the best in the business. This is exactly what the Hyne timber T2 construction pine manages to offer, because it makes it easy for you to obtain quality treated timber that will take your project to new levels.

Created out of locally grown softwood which was treated in a natural manner, the Hyne timber T2 construction pine is designed in order to bring you the durability and structural integrity that you might want from such a product. You also get a good price on this too, especially because it’s a product grown in the local region, and that on its own manages to bring plenty of amazing opportunities.

Building a home can be a major financial investment, and that on its own can bring a lot of value in return. It all comes down to the materials that you use. With the Hyne timber T2 construction pine you can rest assured that the house you want to build will have an amazing structural integrity that will take everything to new heights all the time.

It’s amazing what the Hyne timber T2 construction pine can offer here, because not only is it treated to avoid any issues such as rust, but the H2 treatment also brings in a much better durability which is a true investment and which manages to offer great results all the time.

Hyne T2 Construction Pine

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Another great selling point for Hyne timber T2 construction pine is the fact that it’s suitable for a wide range of projects, so no matter if you want to use it for your home or for expanding the capacity of your business, this will work just fine. In fact, it will help boost the structural integrity unlike never before which is a major plus for sure.

The Hyne timber T2 construction pine is a great investment if you want to build a home or expand it properly without having to be sorry in the end. Not only is this offering you a better set of results, but it also makes the experience more refined all the time.

If you really care about the structure of your home, then investing in the Hyne timber T2 construction pine is a great idea, because it will provide you with the certainty that you got a good deal and astounding results all the time.

It’s amazing what the Hyne timber T2 construction pine manages to offer for such a low price, and it all comes down to making the right choice. With so many features, a great price and a stellar treatment that will protect you against structural damage and tropical termites, the Hyne timber T2 construction pine is an extraordinary product well worth the purchase, and the results will not cease to show in time!

Why choose hySPAN LVL from Carroll’s Wholesale Timber

Quality LVL products from CWT- hySPAN




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If you work in the construction sector, then you know that in order to make each building last for a very long time, you need to have a sound structure and beams, and that’s exactly where the hySPAN LVL solution fits in quite nicely. This is a product that was created in order to bring in front better, higher quality beam solutions made out of both softwood and hardwood.


Why choose hySPAN LVL from Carroll’s Wholesale Timber

The hySPAN LVL product was created in order to complement the traditional building tools and offer a more refined way to get high quality constructions in a superior manner. At the same time, the main focus is on quality, the product comes with a great guarantee and many more benefits.

hySPAN LVL features

The hySPAN LVL product is designed in order to bring in front the best quality you always wanted for your construction projects, and at the same time it takes complete advantage of those benefits offered by the brand, all the while offering affordable solutions that solve problems.

It’s important to note that unlike other wooden beams, these particular ones have the Terminator technology which offers termite protection for up to 25 years, something that’s definitely reassuring and very impressive.

On top of that, since the beams are sourced from specially managed plantation forest, you get FSC certification as well as the best quality wood on the market for one low price.

Treatment levels can vary based on customer requests, but one thing is certain, the technology is designed in order to offer unlimited benefits and at the same time it will empower all structures you want, no matter if they are commercial or residential..

You can also opt for H2 or H3 treated  wood if you want, it all comes down to you, as the manufacturer can easily address your requests at all times. It’s important to note that the hySPAN LVL product also comes with a dedicated software system that will allow you to explore designs as you see fit until you reach a final one that you are happy with.

But at the end of the day what matters the most about hySPAN LVL is the wood quality, which is straight, strong, true, dimensionally stable and lightweight. This is what makes it very suitable for just about any construction project that you want to tackle right now. It offers an amazing experience and results that your clients will appreciate for sure. Since this is a high quality product, it has all certification and branding that makes it very easy to identify at all times. It’s also quite reliable, and something that does offer immense value.

In conclusion, hySPAN LVL is a great product and you should definitely give it a try for your construction project. You will enjoy the astounding quality offered by these breams and at the end of the day it will provide you with an entire new way to build, a more sturdy yet visually appealing one!

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