Weathertex External Weatherboards

Weathertex is one of the most reliable construction related products on the market and it manages to bring in front a multitude of opportunities that you can enjoy as you see fit. There are plenty of reasons why you should use Weathertex for your construction project, and here are some of the most important ones!

Easy to use and install for other Carroll products

Yes, Weathertex is very easy to use and it does make the entire experience very easy all the time. not only does it allow you to perform its installation fast, but it won’t crack nor will it brittle and that on its own can be very helpful all the time. This is also a product that you can easily cut with the normal woodworking tools, something that makes it very easy to customize, no matter the project that you might be working on. In fact, you can easily cut it indoors if you want, and the installation is adhesive or silicone free, which is a major plus for sure.


Since the Weathertex uses only Australian made trees, it offers you the highest quality, professionalism and best pricing on the market. On top of that, the product is termite resistant as well, so no matter where you are located, it will surely suit your needs at all times. It’s amazing how much convenience this can bring in, and the fact that you protect the environment while using it is more than impressive for sure.

The Weathertex product is 100% natural, as it contains 97% timber and 3% natural wax. It’s not manufactured overseas like most similar products, instead it’s fully natural and it offers a better than zero carbon footprint, something that you will like a lot. In addition, there’s no need for chemical adhesives, artificial glues or resins, instead Weathertex is a lot easier to use and fully natural.

You have money

Weathertex is all about making sure that you obtain a high quality product with a great maintenance. You will need to repaint it each 15 years, so the yearly investment is minimal. Even the acquisition price is very small as well, so overall you do get quite a lot of amazing results which is a major plus.

Since this made out of natural Australian timber, it will last for a very long time, something that makes Weathertex as one of the best investments you can do right now. It even has a 25 year warranty that you will surely appreciate all the time.

As a whole, Weathertex is a fantastic product that manages to offer a ton of value and great results. It’s a really good product and one that manages to offer a whole bunch of variety all the time. If you want a good wood based product for your construction project, then Weathertex is a viable option and surely a stellar investment!

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  1. Trey S
    Trey S says:

    We’re looking into refurbishing our house and are looking for a reliable and local product. Thanks for sharing this post about Weathertex, we will definitely look into it more.


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