Cutek Timber Protection Products

CUTEK PRODUCTS – TIMBER Protection Cleaning and Stripping
CD50 oil Cutek Proclean
Extreme oil Cutek CD33 Naked
Colourtones Cutek Quickclean
How Does Cutek Work  
The Cutek Difference  

….See our new video series, for wood preparation tips, application instructions, or just to find out why Cutek really is the best choice….

Welcome to CUTEK! The CUTEK difference
My deck is peeling, what should I do? Do I need to sand my deck?
How do I use Naked Strip? Preparing new wood
How to make grey wood look new again Looking for a better way to clean your wood?
How do I use ProClean? Before you build…’CUTEK protect’
How do I apply CUTEK oils? Important: clear vs colourtone

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