hyPLANK is a strong lightweight LVL scaffold plank. The defined structural properties of LVL and strict quality control processes ensure a plank that meets the performance requirements of AS 1577 Scaffold Planks.

Introduced to the market by Carter Holt Harvey more than 10 years ago, hyPLANK is a structural laminated veneer lumber (LVL) manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 4357.

Suitable Applications

hyPLANK scaffold planks are used extensively throughout the industry in place of conventional timber, and where modular systems cannot accommodate the size and shape of the scaffolding requirement.

A better option in corrosive environments which are hazardous for metal planks.


  • Tough and long lasting, especially in corrosive environments
  • Wax emulsion end seal reduces moisture ingress
  • Strong yet lightweight so easy and fast to install
  • Sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation pine
  • Stringent quality control – EWPAA certified

Peace of mind in service – each plank is permanently indent branded along the edge with:

  • Hyplank – for identification
  • AS 1577 – indicating compliance with performance requirements
  • Working load limit (WLL) in kilograms
  • Maximum span in metres
  • Certification mark of the Engineered Wood Product Association of Australasia (EWPAA)
  • Date of Manufacture



*Other sizes and lengths available to order.


Australian Standard Compliance

hyPLANK is manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 4357-2005, Structural laminated veneer lumber and meeting the performance requirements for scaffold planks specified in AS 1577.

Formaldehyde Emissions

All hyPLANK is manufactured using an ‘A’ Bond with less than 0.3mg/l Formaldehyde (equivalent to Super E0) emissions from the final product.

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