Beranghi table 4

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Recycled Hardwood Flooring

Wide board Timber Benchtops & Tables

Whether in your kitchen, study, laundry or bathroom, each bench top is unique and gives your home a warm and sophisticated feel.

Machined Timber

Trusses can be manufactured in large cross-section members. Our trusses can be pre-assembled to your engineering specifications or sent in a flat pack for on-site assembly. Connecting metal detailing can also be arranged.


Laminated Timber

We laminate curved and deep structural beams to your specifications.

Landscape Products

We manufacture a wide range of large sections suitable for outdoor settings. The appearance can vary between clean, square and minimalist to an aged, industrial weathered effect.

Stairs & Cantilevered Stair Treads

These treads are designed to slip over a stiff steel spigot protruding from one wall.

Column & Beam Boxes

This product is used to conceal unsightly posts and beams (often steel and concrete). Also to conceal services such as sewer & stormwater pipes and electrical wiring.















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