Australian Traditional Hardwood Flooring

If you are in the market for new flooring, one of the more popular choices today is hardwood tongue and groove flooring. Before choosing a hardwood flooring, it’s important to note the difference between hardwood and softwood. Many may assume that “hard” and “soft” are referring to the strength of the wood, however, the terms are, instead, referring to their botanical roots. Hardwoods are produced from broad-leafed trees with seeds (think fruits and nuts), whereas softwoods come from trees that have more needle-like leaves. In most cases hardwoods are stronger than softwoods due to the higher density, however, that is not always the case. For example, cypress is a very strong softwood, while balsa is a weaker hardwood in comparison.

The natural durability of hardwoods makes them perfect for interior flooring and stairs. Another plus to hardwood flooring is that, due to their above-ground life, they are easily recyclable. Popular hardwood species like jarrah, blackwood and red gum are prized for recycled flooring, paneling and furniture.

Australia has a vast resource in its native hardwoods. They produce some of the most durable and attractive timbers in the world. Australian native hardwoods are sourced mostly from managed forests but some of their product does come from plantations and the farm forestry.

One of the most popular applications for hardwood flooring is the tongue and groove method. Tongue and groove is the method of fitting the flooring planks together, edge to edge. Tongue and groove joints allow two flat pieces to be joined strongly together to make a single flat surface. Each piece of flooring has a slot (the groove) cut along one edge and a thin, deep ridge (the tongue) on the opposite edge. The tongue projects a little less than the depth of the groove so that the pieces fit together closely. The joint is normally glued so that, during shrinkage, the tongue does not pull off. This method is used widely in higher-quality wood flooring like those found in the traditional Australian hardwood line.

Traditional Australian Hardwood Tongue & Groove Flooring is renowned for its beauty, warmth and sustainability. There are many varieties of hardwood flooring available and the choices can be overwhelming. It is best to see the options available during a personal visit to a timber wholesaler, like Carroll’s Wholesale Timber. A facility such as CWT that specializes in the timber industry can best display the pros and cons of each type of hardwood flooring available. Every situation is different, and professional experts like those at CWT, are able to recommend the perfect line of Traditional Australian Hardwood Tongue & Groove Flooring that will best fit your individual needs.

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  1. Gayle
    Gayle says:

    We’ve moved into a house that has some old, worn carpet and are looking to redo the flooring. You’ve explained the difference between hard and softwood very well. Informative post. Thank you. We have friends who have worked with you all, and they highly recommend your company.


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