Beautiful Australian Species with real Character

Blackbutt Cherry Mahogany Blue Gum Brush Box Grey Box Grey Iron Bark New England Blackbutt Spotted Gum Tallowwood Turpentine Red Iron Bark SilverTop Stringybark

Email  or Phone John or Colin Carroll for help with what flooring is best suited for you.

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Please be aware that timber colour varies from batch to batch and within a single specie. A photo will only be an indication and that the actual timber colours can be quite diverse.

For centuries, timber has been chosen for flooring. Its natural beauty adds warmth and character to any home. Timber flooring not only looks great but it is hard wearing and is easy to keep clean. Timber flooring is as popular as ever so its always a great investment in a family or investment home. Timber flooring is available in many colours of single or mixed species and the floor that you are installing will be unique in character and appearance because  no two trees the same. For this reason, timber floors are valued much more and have now become the feature of many homes.  There a many aspects you need to consider when choosing a new timber floor. Including colour, species, grade and board size. The Carrolls team will be able to help you through these choices making sure you make the right choice for your floor. CWT has on display in their showroom a range of flooring to choose from. However if we do not have what you are looking for don’t worry Carrolls can find the exact flooring that meets your needs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA