The hySPAN solutions range provides a cost effective solution with predictable performance in residential, commercial, rural and industrial construction applications.

Engineered to perform

hySPAN Structural LVL is available in two complementary ranges delivering both softwood and hardwood alternative beam solutions. hySPAN and hySPAN+ are easy to work with using traditional building tools and are clearly branded for easy identification and your guarantee of quality.

hySPAN Key Features

  • hySPAN is the product you know and trust and is now more affordable
  • hySPAN+ offers an alternative to F17 hardwood beams in traditional sizes
  • Terminator – cost effective termite protection with 25 year guarantee* for peace of mind
  • Sourced from managed plantation forests for green star points (FSC ‘Chain of Custody’ certified upon request)
  • Fully supported by CHH Woodproducts technical expertise
  • Start specifying today with new and improved designIT software

Cost effective termite protection

Terminator As part of the Terminator® range all hySPAN sections are available H2-S treated against termites for use south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Both hySPAN and hySPAN+ are available H2-S TERMINATOR treated – cost effective termite protection with 25 year guarantee* for peace of mind see next page for more information. Other treatment levels may be obtained from suppliers by request.

Wood, naturally

Carter Holt Harvey ensures that its wood is legally sourced from managed forests and offer FSC ‘Chain of Custody’ certified upon request for green star points. Both hySPAN and hySPAN+ are manufactured using an ‘A’ Bond with less than 0.5mg/l Formaldehyde (equivalent to E0) emissions from the final product. For further information on our environmental initiatives » click here

* The guarantee is provided by the chemical supplier for the benefit of the property owner. It is a limited and conditional guarantee covering the provision of replacement product in Australia. The full terms and conditions are available at


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Suitable Applications include

  • Beams
  • Lintels
  • Rafters
  • Floor Joists
  • Purlins



hySPAN Solutions Structural LVL Range

The table below contains the standard sections for the new hySPAN solutions range. Depths of 120, 140, 190 and 290 are not stocked in all states. It is recommended specifiers either select the nearest appropriate hySPAN size suitable for the application or check with your local stockist for availability. For more detailed information about the product simply download a copy of the ‘hySPAN solutions range specification’ data sheet » click here

Available H2-S Termite Treated and Untreated

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