Stairs & Cantilevered Staircases


Treads, stringers, kites, winders and risers are available in a variety of sizes and species, and can be manufactured to your exact specifications.





Cantilevered Stair Treads

Stairs & Cantilevered StaircasesThese treads are designed to slip over a stiff steel spigot protruding from one wall.

Usually about 85mm thick with a hollow receival. Simply apply a polyurethane glue to the spigot/ structural protrusion and slip it on like a sock.


Can be fabricated to your specification. Due to it’s thickness the riser spacing will be less than the 125mm maximum allowed under the Australian BCA.

 Recycled Hardwood Gallery

Cantilevered red gum Landing

Cantilevered red gum Landing

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