Cutek CD50® Wood Preservative



being able to quickly and easily stain and preserve all exterior and interior timber in a wide range of colours – EVEN CLEAR, with a coating guaranteed not to peel, or hide the natural grain and beauty of the wood… without having to be a tradesperson!

  • Can be used on any species of timber … both hardwood and softwood
  • Interior/Exterior application
  • Two coat system…no special primers or multiple products required
  • Only requires a simple wash down before future recoating … no sanding or stripping ever!
  • Resistant to unsightly surface fungus and mould
  • Liquid and gas phase water repellency
  • Assists with dimensional stability by deeply penetrating timber to help control warping, cupping, and splitting
  • Can be used on any species of timber…both hardwood and softwood
  • Suitable for use as a clear
  • May be quickly and easily applied by almost anyone with no “lap marks”,or “laying off” … no need to hire a tradesman
  • Suitable for use on weatherboards, decking, fascia, shutters, garage doors, joinery, beams, outdoor furniture, log homes … in fact just about anything made from wood
  • Available in a wide range of natural colourtones that enhance the natural beauty of wood without hiding the grain


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