CleverDeck vs Timber Features and Benefits

Feature/Benefit CleverDeck Timber Decking
Standard 5.4 metre long lengths  icon-tick standard random lengthsmostly less than 4 metre
Made from 100% recycled cellulose and plastic  icon-tick  icon-cross
Resistant to Termites/White Ants  icon-tick  icon-cross
Suitable for a 450mm joist span  icon-tick  icon-tick
Fully finished and ready to install  icon-tick  icon-cross
Very low maintenance  icon-tick  icon-cross
No knot holes or splinters  icon-tick  icon-cross
No cupping or warping  icon-tick  icon-cross
No splitting or twisting  icon-tick  icon-cross
5 designer colours  icon-tick  icon-cross
10 year warranty  icon-tick  icon-cross
Easy installation  icon-tick  icon-cross
Standard concealed fix  icon-tick  icon-cross
Slip resistant  icon-tick  icon-tick
Double sided  icon-tick  icon-tick
No sap runs or tannin leaching  icon-tick  icon-cross
Won’t rot  icon-tick  icon-cross
Low water absorption  icon-tick  icon-cross

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