Merbau Decking vs CleverDeck WPC Decking

This comparison is meant as a guide only to help explain the cost of maintaining hardwood decking.

You can change the average selling price for both the Merbau and the CleverDeck and the preperation/finishing costs and annual maintenance fields for Merbau to get the best cost comparison between the two products over a 10 year period:

CleverDeck Product
86mm * 23mm
Merbau CleverDeck
Dimensions 90mm × 19mm 86mm × 23mm
l/m per sq/m with 3mm spacing vs 5mm spacing 10.75 10.99
Average selling price per l/m inc. GST ** $ 5.95 $ 6.95
Material cost per square metre  63.96  76.38
Initial Preperation and Finishing
Average cost per square metre of 2–3 coats of deck oil, preperation chemicals & applicators $ 10.00 N/A
Average labour cost per square metre for preparing deck and applying 2–3 coats of deck oil $ 13.50 N/A
Finished coat of decking material & initial surface treatment  87.46  76.38
Annual Maintenance ***
1–2 coats of deck oil per square metre $ 5.00 N/A
Average labour cost per square metre to clean deck and apply 1–2 coats of deck oil $ 6.75 N/A
Finished coat of decking material & surface treatment after 12 months  99.21  76.38
10 year saving buying 86mm– CleverDeck
over 90mm Merbau per square metre of decking


** Average selling prices may vary between oulets, metropolitan/country areas and between states
*** Annual maintenance costs are based on mid range deck oil prices and labour rates of $30.00 per hour

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