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Merbau Timber For Construction

Merbau construction timber is one of the most reliable and popular hardwood types in South East Asia and now you can have it in Australia as well thanks to our service. It can be used in a wide variety of applications and it was designed specifically in order to offer durability and a great look into one complete product. Carrolls Recommend the Magna Brand of Merbau One of the main reasons why the Merbau construction timber is suitable for decking applications, construction and engineering is that it offers a natural strength and durability that you can rarely find in any type of wood out there. It’s also great looking as […]

Weathertex External Weatherboards

Weathertex is one of the most reliable construction related products on the market and it manages to bring in front a multitude of opportunities that you can enjoy as you see fit. There are plenty of reasons why you should use Weathertex for your construction project, and here are some of the most important ones! Easy to use and install CarrollsWholesaletimber.com.au for other Carroll products Yes, Weathertex is very easy to use and it does make the entire experience very easy all the time. not only does it allow you to perform its installation fast, but it won’t crack nor will it brittle and that on its own can be […]

Australian Engineered Flooring

HM WALK ENGINEERED FLOORING Australian Native Engineered Flooring Professional flooring can really change the appeal of any building, and this is why we provide nothing but the best and highest quality for all of our users. With the new, engineered hardwood floor product named HM Walk you can access the ultimate, exquisite experience that you always wanted from your hardwood floor, while also having the opportunity to access simple installation as well. Email John Carroll for more information Look at the species Basically, the HM Walk system offers a glueless locking system which allows you to install it in just a few minutes, it all comes down to the desired […]

Hyne T2 Construction Pine

Email for a price on Hyne T2 If you want to get the best possible timber for your construction project, then you need to work with nothing but the best in the business. This is exactly what the Hyne timber T2 construction pine manages to offer, because it makes it easy for you to obtain quality treated timber that will take your project to new levels. Created out of locally grown softwood which was treated in a natural manner, the Hyne timber T2 construction pine is designed in order to bring you the durability and structural integrity that you might want from such a product. You also get a good […]

Why choose hySPAN LVL from Carroll’s Wholesale Timber

Quality LVL products from CWT- hySPAN     For more information or a price email John Carroll or phone 1300233707 If you work in the construction sector, then you know that in order to make each building last for a very long time, you need to have a sound structure and beams, and that’s exactly where the hySPAN LVL solution fits in quite nicely. This is a product that was created in order to bring in front better, higher quality beam solutions made out of both softwood and hardwood. Why choose hySPAN LVL from Carroll’s Wholesale Timber The hySPAN LVL product was created in order to complement the traditional building tools and […]

Our Philosophy and History in Timber

Our Philosophy and History Welcome to Carrolls Wholesale, we are a value-oriented specialist in different varieties of timber and building solutions in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. If you’re looking for reliable service and superior quality timber products, then you’ve come to the right place. At Carrolls Wholesale, timber is our largest area of knowledge, skill, and passion. We love the beauty, diversity and adaptability of wood. Wood is our passion and we hope to touch as many people as we can with its natural splendour. We aim to become the number one platform where anyone can find all kinds of timber solutions including procurement of […]

Introducing Millboard

I am pleased to announce that CWT is a supplier of Millboard This revolutionary decking is virtually maintenance free and is the world’s finest 100% wood-free composite decking. With the incredible realistic look of natural timber, Millboard decking provides an external flooring solution without the hassles associated with traditional wood or composite products. Millboard composite deck has Best-In-Class slip resistance, zero splinters and never needs to be oiled or sealed – ever! All backed by an Industry leading 25Y Limited Residential Warranty. To find out more about this exciting new product visit our Millboard site


Australian Traditional Hardwood Flooring If you are in the market for new flooring, one of the more popular choices today is hardwood tongue and groove flooring. Before choosing a hardwood flooring, it’s important to note the difference between hardwood and softwood. Many may assume that “hard” and “soft” are referring to the strength of the wood, however, the terms are, instead, referring to their botanical roots. Hardwoods are produced from broad-leafed trees with seeds (think fruits and nuts), whereas softwoods come from trees that have more needle-like leaves. In most cases hardwoods are stronger than softwoods due to the higher density, however, that is not always the case. For example, […]

Futurewood Cleverdeck

  Futurewood Cleverdeck – Now you can move away from the common rainforest timber deck with all of its associated environmental concerns and maintenance issues comfortable in the knowledge that you have made an economically sound decision that won’t hurt the environment by using Clever Deck composite decking. CleverDeck composite decking is made from recycled HDPE (industrial waste and some post-consumer plastic waste), wood flour (sawdust) and discarded rice husks making it one of the most environmentally friendly composite decking options available. The thought process behind the marketing of CleverDeck composite decking was to build in value so that consumers wanting to make a positive environmental decking choice will not […]